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“Dr. Patel’s team has done an exceptional job to help us arrange healthier lunches at the office. A few of us are enjoying the benefits of this. It has been a very nice improvement for me.”

– Anonymous

“After my first meeting with Dr. Mokhtare’s team, I learned that I didn’t have to settle with being in slightly better physical condition than most guys my age.

I had been watching my diet (so I thought) and doing quite a bit of resistance training but just couldn’t seem to make any progress. I was beginning to get burned out. Dr. Mokhtare taught me the value of Interval training (never heard of it), how I should be mixing up my resistance training, and how to establish and stick with a better healthy diet.

The old adage “Success breeds Success” is so true. As I’ve continued to follow their advice (and I request a lot of advice) I continue to improve and continue to be motivated. Mixing up the type of Interval and/or Steady Cardio training really helps keep it interesting. The same goes with my weight and abdominal training. I switch workouts about every 6-8 weeks and vary the weights used per set. For example, if I’m lifting three sets with 10 reps per set, I’d use #100 for the 1st set, #110 for the 2nd set, and #120 for the 3rd set. That way my strength and muscle growth doesn’t plateau.”

– Drew Donnelly

“Thanks so much for all the time you spent with me yesterday. You are a wealth of knowledge and I really like and appreciate your approach to health and fitness… You do a great job and I’m so happy you are part of Dr. Patel’s team”

– Anonymous

“At the age of 52, I started feeling sluggish and not wanting to get out and do things. I needed a change in my lifestyle or I would soon be going down the road of having sickness and diseases in my life. If I were to continue to ignore my lifestyle, in the future I would have had to face many doctor bills and prescription drug costs, and these prescription drugs have many irreversible side effects.

Bottom line, I would have more monthly health care cost through the conventional doctors and not to mention all the side effects from the drugs like blood pressure pills and cholesterol medications if I continued on this lifestyle. I choose to improve myself through living a Cenegenics Lifestyle. I chose Cenegenics over a year ago and followed my own personal Cenegenics Lifestyle. Their professionals guided and advised me to strive for maximal results.

The Before Picture of me was taken at Cenegenics on Dec. 12th, 2013 (pretty grotesque) and the After Pic is June 28th, 2014. I can guarantee that the after pic has not been photo shopped. I will post more pics of my progress later.

I FEEL GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Doug Sonnier